We have the RIGHT STUFF.

How we Work.

Our SMaC recipe for success is simple, time-tested, and effective.


Small Teams

We form small teams to work on big challenges.
Design and prototyping from day one.


Client as a Partner

Clients join our team to help us help us truly understand their business. Together, we put the users first and transform how we work together.


Customer Focused

The success or failure of your product isn’t the team’s decision—it’s the customers’. We work directly with real people and test prototypes on a regular basis.

A simple, iterative process.

We employ a process of designing a product in which the product is tested and evaluated repeatedly, at different stages of design, to eliminate usability flaws before the product launch.

Skill Check

When looking for a design studio, it’s important to know what they can do, and do well. The Big Rocket team isn’t shy about ranking our skill set. We want to ensure our skill set will be the perfect fit for each and every client.

Brand Strategy70%
User Experience90%
User Interface90%
Visual Strategy 90%
Web Coding30%

What are we Reading?

You can learn allot about someone by asking them what they are reading. Here are a few of the most recent books that inspire us everyday.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Let’s make great stuff. Together.