Antibiotic Resistance Virtual Lab

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In the spring of 2009, the K12 Inc. Biology team was looking for a series of virtual labs to help offset the cost of sending very expensive kits to their charter school students. A science kit to teach antibiotic resistance could easily cost several hundred dollars and could be potentially dangerous. After meeting with the Science content specialists, we began sketching out several virtual labs that could provide the verisimilitude students would require mirroring a real-world experience.

This activity takes students through all the lab procedures scientists would use to test antibiotics. Students will learn how to sterilize the wire loop and scrape into the gel medium properly. Students will learn how to measure the disc diffusion to determine what antibiotic works best within the simulation.

Special thanks to Jim Miller for his expertise in programming logic and attention to detail for this project.

  • Date March 30, 2009
  • Tags Illustration, Interactive, User Interface
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