Kuiper Belt

Some things are just very far out there.  This illustration depicts a vast, dark area far removed from the orbits of planets and moons. The Kuiper Belt is a region that contains many of the particulates leftover from the creation of the solar system. Dirty snowballs, dust, and rock orbit quietly, slowly, in the cold dark regions of space. The Kuiper belt was originally thought to be a region where comets, once perturbed from their stable orbits, would plunge into the inner solar system. Astronomers have recently suggested that the objects in this area are quite stable and will remain so for billions of years.

The illustration is a popular download for the XplorePaks team. Clear and concise depictions of the Kuiper belt are hard to find, and most often do not project very well within light-polluted classrooms.

  • Client XplorePaks LLC.
  • Date August 4, 2017
  • Tags Illustration

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