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Launch Interactive

We had an opportunity to work with Junior Achievement USA on an interactive game that would provide engagement for students learning more about entrepreneurs.

The activity calls for an instructor to ask students to use a piece of scrap paper and pencil and play as individuals. The activity starts with the instructor selecting a student from the class and asking them to pick one of the three mystery entrepreneurs. After the entrepreneur is selected, the students view the blurred image of the entrepreneur and a clue to determine the mystery person. Students who believe they have the correct answer may raise their hand, note the number of points, and hand their guess to the instructor. The game continues until all of the clues have been presented. The winner of the round may select the next entrepreneur and the game concludes after all the entrepreneurs have been selected.

The game is very simple on purpose. We saw a potential for a game shell that could easily swap out content and images and be re-purposed for other programs. Turnaround time would be minimal, and we would have an opportunity to stretch resources for the client in other programs.

  • Client Junior Achievement USA
  • Date August 7, 2017
  • Tags Interactive
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