Flatworm Nervous System

Flatworm Nervous System

Yes, they look like that.

In the spring of 2008, the K12 Inc. team was looking for a series of animals that could be dissected using a series of virtual tools to help cut down on the shipping/storage costs required with live specimens. What a great opportunity to show off our illustration skills for technical illustrations.

As we look back to our high school years, it’s easy to remember that there was simply no substitute for the real thing. Our textbooks were static and our handouts smelled like harsh chemicals. The mid-80s gave us Van Halen and wet specimens to broaden our minds.
We used real microscopes with simple cameras during production to ensure the surface markings, texture, and sheen to the skin were replicated as close to the original as possible. There is just no getting around real observational science.

Students across America use the planarian as a key component to learning more about the anatomy and physiology of simple animals. The original design spec was to have two illustrations side-by-side to help students compare the parallels of what us just below the skin of these wonderful creatures. We proposed a bit of creativity and combined the two to help students interact with the specimen by dragging the slider over the flatworm to see the structure of the planarian’s nervous system.

The project turned into a big success for the K12 team and one of our personal favorites demonstrating how photorealistic illustration and simple JavaScript combine to enhance learning.

  • Client K12 Inc.
  • Date August 19, 2019
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