High Growth Careers

High Growth Careers

We had an opportunity to work with Junior Achievement USA on an interactive game that would provide engagement for students learning more about High-Growth careers.

The activity calls for an instructor to ask students to raise their hand and vote which box the proposed career should go into, a growing or declining career. The highest number of votes determines what category the proposed career goes to. If the correct selection is made, a modal window appears and adds additional context why the career is a growing field. The game continues until all of the careers have been sorted into the correct boxes.

The game is very simple on purpose. We saw a potential for a game shell that could easily swap out content and images and be re-purposed for other programs. Turnaround time would be minimal, and we would have an opportunity to stretch resources for the client in other programs.

  • Client Junior Achievement USA
  • Date August 19, 2019
  • Tags eLearning, User Interface

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