ISIP Application

ISIP Application

In the spring of 2019, IRIS Health Solutions had asked us to work on an exciting idea that would give engineers and architects the ability to compare relational information between different data models.

We quickly set out to define the wide range of personas that would work within the application creating a series of empathy maps and personas. We then applied Design Thinking principles to ensure the application was user-based from the inception of the prototypes. The application development continued to include a series of user stories based on assumptions and discovery.

Over the past few years, the tools we used developing an application of this magnitude have come a long way. We used Adobe XD to give personas an ability to walk through low-fidelity prototypes ad quickly applied the aesthetics using the power of the Adobe Creative suite.

The result is a dynamic and intuitive data application that is slated to go into code production in the immediate future.

  • Client IRIS Health Solutions LLC
  • Date October 3, 2019
  • Tags User Experience, User Interface
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