Killer Whale Evolution

Killer Whale Evolution

This illustration was created for K12 Inc. in the winter of 2009 to help middle-school biology students understand how the skeletal system of the Killer Whale has evolved over the past 48 million years. The illustration series became a big hit, and is often featured in marketing literature for K12s’ science programs.

One of the primary objectives for this composition was to ensure we got the skeletal system correct. Our initial pencil sketches for the animals we based on many references, but to get the kinesiology correct, we had to rely on the fossil record. The initial illustrations had a classical aesthetic that appealed to the content specialist. We continued with the aesthetic to the other animals and found the style complemented the color illustrations quite well.

We feel the illustrations do a great job depicting how the skeletal systems of these animals evolved over the millennia. We hope you do too!

  • Client K12 Inc.
  • Date August 19, 2019
  • Tags eLearning

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