The Orca illustration was created in the fall of 2009 for K12 Inc. The illustration series depicted the evolution of the mammal from a dog-like land-dwelling beast, into what we see on Nat Geo as we are flipping channels. One of the great challenges of this illustration was to ensure the surface of the mammal didn’t appear too flat, yet kept the extremely smooth texture of the skin. If you get a chance to touch one of these amazing creatures, they feel very much like a wet chicken. The skin is rather tough, yet slippery.

Initial illustration attempts pushed the value of the orca way too dark. Other renderings pushed the details of the orca to appear as if its skin were a bit rougher; like the skin of a tiger shark. We initially had surface markings and found that we needed to remove these to ensure we didn’t give the impression that each orca would display these markings. Let’s face it, the middle school audience this was intended for is quite literal and are the first to send an email to ensure you get the information correct. Ha! We suppose we would as well.

We are proud of the final rendering of this magnificent creature and hope you do as well.

  • Client K12 Inc.
  • Date August 19, 2019
  • Tags eLearning

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