Sundogs and Other Solar Phenomenon

Sundogs and Other Solar Phenomenon

Weather can be beautiful.

We often see interesting solar phenomena towards sunset and sunrise and capture the moments on our cell phones and digital cameras. This asset needed a bit more than a gallery of photographs. The concept required solar phenomena to occur in one area at the same time to tell the whole story. Ice crystals are often suspended in the upper atmosphere and halos and sundogs are quite common. However, an upper tangent arc, dual sundogs, a halo, and a sun pillar are quite rare. We decided that an illustration if done well, could bring all the pieces together to paint a more complete picture.

This illustration is a composite that combines the power of Terragen 4 and digital painting into a very informative graphic. The Big Rocket team removed topographic details and surface features. We decided on a flat ocean presentation to ensure all cognitive noise was removed for the composition. We were after a photorealistic landscape; a photo was taken at just the right time.

Terragen 4 is one of our favorite landscape creation tools. The software has been used within many popular digital games as well as feature films.

Enjoy the view!

  • Client XplorePaks LLC.
  • Date August 19, 2019
  • Tags eLearning

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