The Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

The Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

Just about every second-grade student in the United States will tell you it’s all about metamorphosis. This series of illustrations were created for the K12 Inc. group looking for a marque piece to demonstrate the life cycle of natures’ most magnificent creatures.

The series started out with a few trips to the butterfly exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of History in Washington D.C., and if you are in town, it’s a must-see while visiting the mall. The butterflies and plants exhibit is just amazing. The series started with a series of pencil sketches of the various stages of development followed by a series of photographs from the exhibit. For production, we purchased a kit online and hatched our wonderful butterfly eggs and watched the little caterpillars munch their way into butterflies in just a few short weeks.

The key with the series is photorealistic detail with the imagery. Students are required to identify body segments of the insect at various stages and introducing stylized sketches just doesn’t cut it for real science learning. Small details like the chrysalis becoming semitransparent just before the butterfly emerges were important to our subject matter experts.

It has become one of our favorite pieces in our portfolio. We encourage you to download the Microsoft PowerPoint file and share it with bug fans everywhere!

  • Client K12 Inc.
  • Date August 19, 2019
  • Tags eLearning

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