Simple. Clean. Elegant.

We blend design elements into engaging digital experiences.


We blend form, function, and location to ensure an effective experience.


We craft simulations that replace, guide, and amplify real-world experiences.


We design unique interfaces to help people interact with electronic devices.

We implement a visual hierarchy.

The most important elements of an interface should be highlighted in order to make users focus on them, and design provides an almost endless array of methods through which to achieve this effect.

The simplest example of this technique that comes to mind would be to make an element bigger in order to turn it into a focal point (which is, incidentally, the same reason no one ignores Godzilla). Take Netflix for example. When opening up the main page you will be hit right away with a few highlighted recommendations which draw your attention by being almost impossible to ignore:

Other, more novel ways through which you can implement a visual hierarchy would be by using white space to highlight crucial parts of your interface.

Alternatively, simply introducing an unexpected element into your design in a tasteful fashion can work wonders. Consistency in an interface is crucial, to the point where it can border on repetition. When something breaks that visual pattern, your users will sit back and take notice.

User Interface Design Process

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